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Aluminium Foil stove wall cover

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Size: about 120*50cm

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1.Prevent oil splashing: Effectively block hot oil from splashing during cooking and prevent oil staining the cooktop and walls.
2.High temperature insulation: It features high-grade oil-proof paper insulation, surface foil layer is resistant to high temperatures, and avoids damage to surrounding objects caused by high temperatures.
3.Easy to clean: Metallic aluminum material, no staining and oily, clean with a gentle wipe.
4.Easy to store: Soft texture, can be folded into any shape for easy storage. Strong magnet, firmer and stabler.
5.Widely used: It can be used for household gas stoves, cooking and oil proofing, outdoor camping, and effective windproof and dustproof cooking.

After each frying, you have to clean the kitchen walls and counters as the grease spills freely. This is what every family can encounter every day. Now with our products, you will handle this problem very well. You can place the foil shield around the stove. It not only prevents grease splashing on the walls, it also protects the plastic jar from heat. You will benefit from this kitchen accessory.

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